Camp Mars cannot be introduced without a favorite quip: Camp Mars is located west of Jupiter, near Venus. Check it out on a map, it’s true.

Arriving at Camp Mars is part of the adventure. The last mile down Goff Road, through the gate, and stopping at the office reveals a beautiful vista across open land to a tree line supporting the sky. Once upon a time, sunset potluck dinners took place in front of the office, a celebration reminiscent of sunsets from the wharf at Key West.

Like many of the favorite gay campgrounds, the campers at Camp Mars are warm, welcoming, and inclusive, really making the campground. After your first visit, you are part of the family, you’re never a stranger on Mars. Permanent campers make a great gay community that cares for each other. Though permanent campers may not live on Mars, there seems no specific limit to how often they may visit.

Located close to South Florida, Mars is easily accessible for a weekend stay. Like most gay campgrounds, each weekend has a different theme or activity and Mars can be fun, fun, fun.

The social hall quickly changes from potluck dinner to bingo to dance hall on a Saturday. A sunny pool is always clean and warm with available shaded area. Trails wander the property, connecting primitive tenting areas to the RV sites.


Camp Mars

326 Goff Road

Venus, FL 33960

(863) 699-MARS (6277)


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