First Hialeah Pride: A Huge Success

The first ever Hialeah Pride was a resounding success according to organizers, and a second one is already scheduled for next year on Oct. 13 at Historic Hialeah Park. More than 5,000 attended this year. 

“The turn out was amazing, the day was full of love, celebration, dancing and everyone was there to just celebrate in unity,” said Karen Larrea, founder of the event. “It turned out exactly as we envisioned.”

Hialeah, a city in Miami-Dade county, is known having a rich Hispanic heritage. The city has the highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban-American residents in the U.S. at 73 percent of its population. In addition 96 percent of residents reported speaking Spanish at home. It’s also the sixth largest city in Florida. And according to the Bay Area Center for Voting Research Hialeah is the fourth most conservative city in the U.S. 

As for the highlight of the event for Larrea: “When the founders of Hialeah Pride went on stage with the Hialeah Pride committee to speak to the crowd and looking out to the thousands of happy faces realizing we did this, the hard work, the dedication, long hours and no sleep was worth it. The dream was a reality.” 

The event wasn’t just a party though Larrea said some of the money raised will be used to grant scholarships to LGBT youth within the city. The money will be granted through an essay contest administered by Safe Schools of South Florida. The amounts will be released at later event. 

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