“Most of you know that I have been living with HIV for 25 years, since I was 20.”

So begins HIV activist Jack Mackenroth’s explanation for why he decided to bike to raise money to fight HIV/AIDS

Mackenroth will be riding 95 miles a day for three days on a route from Boston to New York as part of the organization, Braking AIDS ride. Though Mackenroth admits in a youtube video that he had never been much a cyclist, he has been training for hours to prepare for the bike ride.

Mackenroth hopes to raise $50,000 through fundraising to benefit HousingWorks, an organization which provides people who have contracted HIV/AIDS with housing resources, medical and dental care and other resources.

In his video and on his fundraising, Mackenroth explains how he became so deeply involved in HIV activism. Mackenroth details his boyfriend’s death and talks about his own realization that he had AIDS.

He asks his audience to contribute in any way they can by either riding with him or donating. His cycling team is called #themackpack, and Mackenroth invites everyone to join, even if they have never trained before.

“I’m a novice biker. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, so if I can do it, you can do it,” he says in his video.

If people cannot spare the time to ride or don’t have the physical abilities, Mackenroth asks them to donate towards the cause. He and his team will be auctioning off a bike to those who raise more than $100.

Mackenroth realizes that the fundraising goal he set is exceptional, but he’s determined to reach it.

If you’d like to donate or participate in the bike ride, visit the fundraising website. To learn more about the bike race or get involved, visit brakingaids.org.

If you’d like to follow Mackenroth and his team’s progress, you can find them on Instagram and twitter as @jackmackenroth and on Facebook under Jack Mackenroth’s name.