Electra - The Female Impersonator

PHoto: JR Davis

There are people who get so affected after tragedy, the rest of their lives are diminished and ruined. Not Electra, female impersonator of Wilton Manors. Electra, also known as Lyman James Buff, is the antithesis of showing defeat in the face of deep sadness.

This trait was particularly exhibited when his husband and actor Terry M. Cain passed away in June. Instead of asking for sympathy, he turned to God as shown in his Facebook posts. “My faith in God has comforted me and led me to many answers for questions I had no answer for previously,” he told me when we asked how religion helped him get through this tough time. Regarding advice he would give to others who lost a loved one, he replied, “Take every day one step at a time and allow God to help in your time…your mind will race, so try to focus on one step in front of the other.”

His positive attitude also shines in the workplace. I asked Electra how he thinks his performances help the community, and he replied that every smile is attributed to a pleased person and that “a few pleased persons are a community!”

Now THAT’S positivity!

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