DJ Citizen Jane: The Silent Observer

Photo by Carina Mask.

Donned in her black leather jacket and shades, her signature look, she surveys the crowd the moment she walks onto the stage. Every song she mixes is calculated. She reads the party — it’s almost as if she feels the ebb and flow of the room’s energy.

Being at a party where DJ Citizen Jane is spinning is transcendent. She wants you to leave all your worries at the door, be present, and let the music wash over you and through you.

She is immensely talented and gaining international prestige. She recently headlined Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Approximately 40,000 screaming fans turned out for her Australian debut.

Jeffrey Sanker, one of the most illustrious gay party promoters, booked Citizen Jane for his highly successful Fresh Friday parties in L.A.

She wants to be judged by her skill, not her gender.

“I am just asking for an opportunity, an equal opportunity, it shouldn’t be about your gender, solely based on talent.”

Citizen Jane is breaking down barriers in a predominately male dominated field. Currently, women make up 11 percent of artists at electronic music festivals.

“I want to hit the European Market, the Asian Market. That’s my dream, that’s my goal, I just want to go out there and to take my music out there and share it globally, and reach out to as many people as I can with my music.”

No matter where in the world you find DJ Citizen Jane, she will always find a way to incorporate her Cuban American roots into a set. She’s extremely proud to be from Miami beach and she wants to give a little bit of herself to everyone she comes into contact with.

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