Debbie Frazier - The Activist

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At 16, Debbie Frazier was thrown out of her West Virginia home for being gay shortly after moving from the west side of Chicago where she experienced first hand the civil rights movement.

“I was fortunate to know two gay men who took me in,” she said. The sad thing is that this stuff is still happening today.”

In the intervening years, Debbie had a daughter, which helped mend her relationship with her parents. “Being grandparents changed everything,” she said.

The daughter, Heather, came out two years ago.

Debbie prefers to be called a “gay woman” rather than a lesbian. “We need to bring people together under one name or we can’t get anything done.” And Debbie works to get things done for everyone.

She’s the president of the Alliance for Social Justice, which works to empower children to become leaders for tomorrow. She’s also the executive regional director of the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus.

“I’m always surprised when someone doesn’t know I’m gay,” Debbie said. “I don’t carry a flag or anything but I’m as out as possible without one.”

Debbie is actively involved with MCC of the Palm Beaches. She’s in a relationship with Diedre Newton, featured in last year’s “OUT50.” They plan to marry on July 4.

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