West Palm Beach native, Davy Whims was born Davilyn and isn’t sure why but she’s happy being “Davy.” Like many LGBT people of her generation she didn’t realize that she was a lesbian until age 17 or 18 when she had her first experience with another woman.

Her family was extremely religious so she didn’t share her information with them. “They knew,” Davy said. “But we just didn’t talk about it.”

Whims met Rusty Gordon (d. 2009), her life partner of 22 years, at a gathering of women called Single Women in Motion (SWIM). “It wasn’t love at first sight but it grew to be a wonderful, loving relationship,” she said.

“Rusty was very out,” Whims said. “She was involved in Democratic politics, National Organization for Women (NOW) and more.” I got involved, too. There was no way to stay in the closet when Rusty was your partner.”

Today she’s on the Democratic Executive Committee of Palm Beach County, the Mid-County Democrats, the State LGBTA Democratic Party and the Rusty Gordon LGBTA Democratic Caucus.

 “It’s good to be out,” she said. “You may be surprised at how many people already know your sexual orientation and that it doesn’t bother them.”

– DC