Craig Stevens has impressive credentials.

The anchorman for WSVN-Channel 7 in South Florida has reported on a wide range of memorable events, from the chase for fashion icon Gianni Versace’s killer to the hotly contested 2000 presidential election.

“It’s an honor to have a front row seat on history,” said Stevens, 45, who grew up in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts and now calls Miami Beach home.

An openly gay man and past grand marshal of the Stonewall Pride Parade, Stevens does not want to be viewed as a role model, although he is quite active in the community. He teaches news writing at Barry University in Miami Shores, where he said the demand for media is still high, but the way it is delivered has certainly changed.

“Now it’s all about mobile devices,” Stevens said. “What I do on television is still relevant, but there are many other ways to receive your news.”

Some of the big stories Stevens has told include the Oklahoma City bombing, a tragedy he called “gut-wrenching” and the developing situation with Andrew Cunanan, Versace’s killer.

“He was on my radar all summer,” Stevens said of the 1997 manhunt. “I always felt like I was a couple days behind him. It was creepy.”

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