Church of Our Savior MCC Installs Interim Pastor

More than 50 people attended last month’s service for the installation of Rev. Jack Copas, D-Min as transitional pastor at Church of Our Savior MCC in Boynton Beach.

“I had been attending the church and preaching occasionally while they waited for an English minister to get through the legalities permitting her to work here,” Copas said. “The church decided they needed more stability and availability and I was called by the congregation to become their new minister until the situation is resolved.”

“We really see the hand of God at work,” Deacon Ed Kaczperski said. “We needed a pastor and realized that we had one in our midst. Rev. Copas has been ministering since Lent so this just formalized our relationship.”

A retired United Methodist minister with 37 years in domestic and international ministry, Copas holds a masters of divinity and a doctorate of ministry.

He retired to Boynton Beach about a year ago and started attending the church on a regular basis while the church waited for their newly hired pastor, Catherine Dearlove, to obtain visas to move from England to the US.

When asked if he is gay, Copas declined to say commenting that his sexual orientation is of no importance to his ability to minister to a congregation of human beings who have been alienated because of who they are.

“I approach ministry with a liberation perspective,” he said. “It’s beyond sexuality and labels and goes to the core of humanity which is non-conditional love.”

The induction service was officiated by Rev. Pressley Sutherland, Associated Director of the Office of Church Life and Health for MCC Worldwide.

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