Life can be difficult for a struggling college student living off Cup Noodle and cereal. With the new school year quickly approaching, students find themselves worrying about their financial situation.

Luckily, scholarships exist to lessen the burden, and right now is the perfect time to start applying.

A lot of foundations offer scholarships for LGBT students. On, you can find a list of some of these scholarships, including scholarships for gay and lesbian students seeking to study veterinary medicine and gay men intending to study business.

The HRC website has a dropdown where students can select the state they go to college in and view a list of scholarships offered in the state. Students should check their college’s website for specific LGBT scholarships that might not be listed on the website..

If all else fails, students can apply to the Point Foundation scholarships, which are available for all LGBT students enrolled at a college in the United States.

While the chances of getting a scholarship may seem slim, it wouldn’t hurt to try. If you win you can upgrade from Cup Noodle to actual canned soup.

Good luck!