Carol Lynn Smith-Madison wants to give voice to LGBT individuals still struggling to find theirs. She gives it to them through her online publication, That Girl About Town. “It’s a voice to write within the community . . . a voice for things that matter. I allow people to publish different writings. People who are still building their confidence.”

An author of four published books, including “The Journey to Peace: A Woman's Guide to Finding Inner Peace,” Smith-Madison is very much concerned with authentic identity.

“It’s about just getting back to ourselves. The things we would be able to do if people didn’t tell us we couldn’t do them.”

The site,, includes poems, essays and other writings.

In particular, she’s concerned with the suicide rate amongst LGBT individuals – a problem, she said, is caused in part by people not reaching their full potential by hiding their true sexual orientation.

“They’re not able to live authentic lives. Their partner becomes their ‘roommate,’ their ‘buddy,’ their ‘best friend.’ I’m not a psychologist or licensed therapist but it’s my personal belief . . . the link to depression is in not being able to be authentic.”