Rainbow Woods is a whole different kind of gay campground. Best described as primitive, sometimes it barely lives up to that. The place seems more suitable to tenting than to RV’s. It is actually a part of a mainstream camp called On the River. When registering be certain to pull into the circular drive or exiting will entail encircling the entire campground all the while scratching along untrimmed trees.

Your RV will get scratched at Rainbow Woods. There is a serious dearth of tree trimming and anything larger than a small car has to brush limbs.

Once you check in at On the River you return to the highway, cross the river and immediately turn onto a steep descent to a boat launch parking lot from which a gate leads to the gay camp. There is no sign and the parking area is clearly governmental. Turn in anyhow. The gate at the rear is to the campground.

The entrance harkens back to the darker days of gay culture, when we entered through unmarked doors in dark alleys.

Leaving presents the opposite problem. Hauling a heavy trailer up the incline back onto the highway with no view of oncoming traffic is scary. You can really only hope there is none as getting up some speed is the only way to make the incline.

The entry lot and gate is the widest point. Low hanging limbs are unavoidable and once in there is no way out until you are backed in and parked. Sites are back in full hookup. Angles are tight, backing is difficult.

A river good for floating curls around the property leaving small beaches. Rainbow Woods is clothing optional though that isn’t necessarily a good idea with the abundance of mosquitoes.

The campground it difficult for RV’s and is a good tenting primitive campground with many good tents sites along the river and near the beach It’s not so good for RVs or those in pursuit of entertainment. A pavilion tucked away in the woods has a sound system, a stage, and an outdoor kitchen with seating at picnic tables.

Though billing itself at New York’s premier men only campground it is far from that.



144 NY St Route 74, Schroon Lake, NY 12870