Oz is a natural stop for gay travelers leaving or returning to Florida. Located about nine miles east of I-75 in south central Georgia it is a day long trip from Sawmill. When leaving South Florida it’s easy to overnight at Sawmill and then Oz.

Owners Steve and his partner and staff are friendly and greet you on arrival. Someone will even lead you to your site or cabin if you are unfamiliar with the campground. The park is big, open and spread out.

After registering and entering through the gate the entertainment complex consisting of the pool, pool bar, nightclub and workout area is on the right. Tucked away in the trees a playroom is on the left. Most weekender RV’s park under trees near the shower house and seasonal camps are on higher ground. The shower house includes outdoor showers. Tenting is on down the road along the creek. Cabins are scattered about. Miles of trails through the forest lend a real sense of being alone in nature. You might want to spend more time on the trails and less in the bar as the bar can be stiflingly smoky.

South Georgia is red clay country and Oz is made of the stuff. It’s also gnat country and Oz has them. A spray is available for sale that some report is of some value, though I found it of little help. The best gnat defense is the pool; perched on a high spot it tends to get a breeze that drives the little buggers off. Or stay inside a screened area or air conditioned place. Though they don’t bite, these gnats are annoying buzzing around the head and ears. Regular brushing them away from the head is the origin of the Oz wave.

Most gay campgrounds have no fitness facility at all and some have some miscellaneous weights lying around. Muscle Bear Fitness is a new fitness center coming to OZ soon that will include one on one personal training.

Oz is the location of a previously failed gay campground call Lumberjacks. The current owners had made much of the property and are all about improving it and providing a fulfilling experience whether you visit for a day or several.



50 Highway 230, Unadilla GA 31091