Getting to Long Fork is a lesson in perseverance, the first time you go. From the moment you exit I-79 and begin the nine mile trek up the holler, the back woods of West Virginia surround.

Turning onto the last mile, the road turns to gravel then narrows and winds through forest. Hauling a long trailer or driving a big rig will set you to wondering where you’re going and how you will get back out. Watch for the orange mail box and turn left into the Long Fork drive. The drive leads to the lodge where you will stop to check in.

The lodge also contains rooms; in addition cabins and a bunkhouse provide accommodations for most everyone. A steep road falls from the lodge past the nightclub. Under the nightclub is a beautiful shower house, gym and play room that opens onto the pool deck which includes a hot tub attached to the pool. Across the pool is the pool bar.

A line of RV sites slopes away from the pool on the crest of a small ridge ringed by a circular road. Another road leads further down the slope through forest to an open tenting area that also includes old farm buildings and the original entertainment area. The road continues through the meadow reentering the forest to climb back to the lodge passing tenting sites set in the forest.

Campers and employees at Long Fork are friendly and engaging. One character in particular does much of the earth work on site and lives locally. He perfectly fits the stereotypical mountain good ole boy including a significant paunch held thankfully out of sight behind the bib of his overalls. When I casually mentioned I didn’t know how I would be able to get my trailer back up the hill he retorted, ‘that’s no problem, I got tracks’. I presumed that meant a piece of tracked heavy equipment. Thankfully I was able to make the exit under my own power.

Long Fork opened as a gay campground in 2002 with a few cabins, RV sites and the meadow for tenting and entertainment. In 2016 is opens with new owners.

114 Longfork Camp Road, Walton, WV 25286