Lizard Landing is located at the end of the road on the Omussee Creek. The end of the road location being the benefit of a washed out bridge that was never replaced.

Owners Les and Gregg have built this gay campground almost from nothing. They are engaging and interested in their guests and work to make your experience there a memorable one. On my visit I noticed a police vehicle drive up to the gate, watched the driver reach out to enter the code and drive in. The vehicle stopped in front of their house as the owners came out the door and down the steps. They and the officer stood and chatted, laughing and bantering, he leaning against his fender drinking the offered soda.

Local businesses and authorities are on very good terms with this gay business in the deep south of Alabama. Hear what you will in the media, the locals know that Lizard Landings gay customers bring a great deal of money to the area. You can experience the good will by visiting the market or any of many businesses located in nearby Columbia, AL.

Located on Omussee Creek, which feeds directly into the Chattahoochee River, the park has a third of a mile of creek front. Just down the road is Omussee Park with ramps for putting your kayak or canoe in the creek. Don’t miss the huge steel contraption on the creek bank once used to launch boats.

Sites are set on the outside of a loop of road that runs from the gate long the length of the park, past the pool and cabins before leading back to the start. Campsites are level and shaded.

The heated salt water pool is the center of entertainment and is clothing optional inside the fence. After dark the entire park is clothing optional. Included in the pool area is a covered deck attached to the common room for nighttime entertainment and Saturday potluck meals.

Lizard landing is well worth a stop or a week long visit. 

586 Lizard Lope Rd, Columbia, AL 36319