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Often we have the idea that because we join a gym, we will automatically get in shape. We create a false perception that our habits will change and that we’ll be deemed the healthiest and fittest person.

Think about how many times you have paid for a gym membership or a fitness club that you never used, or a fitness class that you never went to. Or maybe you did attend but maybe just for the first week and then never went back. It has happened to you, right?

Changes don’t happen from one day to the other. To be able to see those changes we need to put time, effort and commitment into it.

The same thing happens when you are reaching out to potential clients with the ultimate objective of obtaining new business. We all have our strategies for obtaining new clients and referrals. However, one of the most effective strategies for obtaining potential leads is by joining a local networking group.

Networking groups provide you with the opportunity of meeting professionals like you. They also help you to establish powerful connections that will potentially turn into business or refer you business.

Often people join networking groups expecting immediate results, however they do not put the effort into getting involved in the group activities, networking opportunities or getting to meet the other members of the group. Like the gym, to be able to exceed and see results while joining a networking group takes effort and time. Nonetheless, the connections it creates are long lasting and forever.  

Networking memberships won’t make you fit. They will provide you with all the tools, and opportunities that you need to be able to create a solid base to move your business forward. Networking memberships provide you with long lasting relations that will train you to get your better self ready to obtain more and build your business core.

Joining the networking group is the first step to success. Attending the networking events, conferences, and meetings is like doing the cardio workout for your business needs. Obtaining client referrals because you participated in those events is like seeing your abs for the first time. Getting to experience the amazing opportunities that networking can offer is like showing off your abs to the world and letting them see how fit you are.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce’s Gay and Lesbian Business Exchange Council (GLBX) is one of the best trainers in town to get yourself networking fit. They offer all the networking opportunities that you need to create long lasting business connections and community outreach to help you show those business abs.

The GLBX is the all-inclusive council. Within its multiple offerings, the Council has created the GLBX Referral Advantage leads group, which is the Chamber's Gay and Lesbian Business eXchange group. The GLBX leads group is open to any business interested in doing business with the community. The GLBX council and leads group are all-inclusive which means that they have a diverse membership. The Referral Advantage group also has "power teams" which are sub-groups that work very closely together to promote other businesses in a synergistic way.

If you would like to get networking fit, and experience better business, check out the GLBX council networking opportunities, or come to one of the Council’s monthly events.

The next event will be held Thursday, April 14 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Sea Watch on the Ocean, 6002 North Ocean Blvd., in Fort Lauderdale.

You can follow the GLBX on Facebook or you can contact the GLBX Council Chair, Karen Prescod at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain more information on how to become a member or check out what this exciting networking group has to offer you.

Make the GLBX one of your New Year’s resolutions.