Russell Lonnie Cormican is the other half of Kent & Cormican. But SFGN publisher Norm Kent’s fame should not hide the fact that Cormican is a notable figure in his own right.

How did they get together? As he recalls, “upon Graduating from Florida State University Law School, I started searching for a job. I did not want to do something that was boring or felt like it had no purpose, so I looked for firms that did work that involved the types of issues that led me to be a lawyer in the first place.”

“That is how I came across Norm. Norm wasn’t afraid to stand up for people who were unjustly targeted, even if it was unpopular or controversial. Norm wasn’t advertising for an open position, but I took a chance and sent a letter and a copy of my resume. He responded and I started doing some small research projects for him, which eventually led into a full time partnership. It’s now been 22 years and I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of very interesting cases that Norm has a knack for attracting.”

“My motivation as a lawyer has always been to stand up for people who are being subjected to the weight of government prosecution, whether it be for their speech, their sexuality, or some alleged criminal act. When the vast power of the state is brought to bear on an individual, that is precisely when access to competent legal representation is most important. My practice is primarily focused on criminal defense, but I also handle some general civil matters. I handle all types of criminal cases, but I have developed a particular specialty in dealing with drug related offenses. Our office has always been very involved in legal activism related to the reform of marijuana laws.”

When he is not fighting the good fight, Cormican spends his time with his “long-term girlfriend and life partner whom I have been with for 19 years. I do not have any children, but we have a miniature dachshund who is so spoiled that he might as well be our child. When I’m away from work, I enjoy playing the guitar and watching college football.”