Business Spotlight: Lori Deak - The Pride Factory

Lori Deak. Photo by Carina Mask.

The Pride Factory is in very capable hands.

Between owner Matthew Deak and his sister-in-law Vice President/Buyer Lori Deak, The Pride Factory has been the go-to swimwear, underwear and fashion apparel hotspot for the last two decades.

After purchasing the business in 2001, the pair spent 17 years growing the business to one of the top LGBT stores in the area.

“I love being here. I love working with the staff — we have a fantastic staff,” said Lori Deak, who oversees operations and buying at The Pride Factory. “They call me the token gay girl, even though I’m not gay. I feel welcome in the community, and it was easy to settle in.”

Catered to gay clientele, The Pride Factory fills its 8,300-plus square foot building with a range of items including clothing, jewelry, colognes and a diverse variety of fetish wear.

The Pride Factory recently had its anniversary party in March, which was a VIP event for customers. They gave away six gift baskets; three donated and three of their own.

“We want to come up with more ideas in the store.”

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