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Queer is a word a lot of people might not self-apply. But Bryan Wilson isn’t one of them.

Wilson, director of community relations for SunServe in Wilton Manors, said he views queer as a word that “gives honor to the identity of a sexual orientation spectrum. Not just the tertiary of gay, bisexual, straight.”

For Wilson, sexual orientation is not just personal, it also drives his professional life. 

“They are one in the same. My livelihood and born sexual orientation and what I consider to be my job, my career. I am very grateful I’m able to be say I was born gay for my destiny. I use destiny lightly.”

His only regret? He didn’t come out sooner to his friends and family.

“I was nervous how they’d react. I wish I had come out when I was 12, 13, 14 because they would have helped with my religious struggles.”

Now, in the midst of his career, he said he feels fortunate to be able to devote himself fully to the LGBT community. “It’s really empowering to make our world a better place. To be able to serve my friends and family here in South Florida and [my hometown in] Texas.”