Bruce Williams is finally out at work.

“I’ve known I was gay since I was seven, but kept it under wraps for financial reasons,” says Williams from behind his desk at the Pride Center where he serves as Senior Services Coordinator.

Free to be himself, Williams, 68, now helps other LGBT seniors navigate complicated issues of aging.

“One of the biggest problems we have with old people is they become an invisible population and that really pisses me off,” he says with strong disgust.

Williams moved to South Florida in 2009 after doctors told him he had just a few weeks to live. “I was sick and preparing for my demise,” he said.

He has since rebounded, moved by witnessing the struggles of seniors in the last phases of their life. Tasked with finding assisted living facilities for retired gays and lesbians, Williams painfully recalls the difficulties he endured.

“People hanging up on me and doors slammed in my face,” he said.

These days, Williams welcomes a hearty crowd of gay seniors for a weekly “coffee and conversation” program at the Pride Center and he is fulfilled by what he sees.

“The look of peace, serenity, inclusion and contentment on each in this sea of worn, brave and wrinkled faces,” he said.

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