Need help putting together a documentary for your LGBT group? You’ll want to meet Bruce Presley.

Presley has been in South Florida for 10 years. In 2007 he founded Downtown Loft Studio after he sold his computer textbook company, Lawrenceville Press. Since then he’s helped produce videos for LGBT organizations like the Pride Center, Broward House, CenterLink, and Compass.

“Our videos focus on the work that each organization offers, heightening awareness of resources available to the LGBT community,” Presley said.

Presley was born and raised in New York and graduated from Yale University in 1959. Before starting Downtown Loft Studio, he was a physics and computer science professor for 24 years at the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Despite the great strides the LGBT community has made in recent years, he still thinks there is work to be done.

“Many do not realize that Florida is one of 29 states that has no protection for LGBT residents,” he said. “We have already seen efforts by the Florida legislature to deny our equality under the guise of protecting religious people who are already protected by the First Amendment.”

Regardless of where our society is right now, that won’t stop Presley from his work.

“I know that the videos my company produces will continue to support the LGBT community in an effort to secure equality.”

Presley serves on the board at the Stonewall National Museum and Archives and is creating an archive of coming out stories of LGBT leaders. Look for the Bruce Presley Oral History Project Fund at Stonewall.

– DZ