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As detective on the homicide squad for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Brittenum has been serving South Florida for the last 13 years, many of those as an openly gay police officer.

Brittenum previously worked in the SVU and SWAT Team departments and was the LGBT Liaison for six years.

“[I] conducted recruiting at PrideFest and Stonewall, safety seminars for the LGBT Community, and presentations regarding hate crimes,” Brittenum said. “Having an LGBT Liaison allows the community to feel more comfortable in dealing with law enforcement and a place to voice any concerns they may have regarding safety.”

At the national level, Brittenum believes the LGBT community faces more of a struggle than the local community.

“South Florida is generally a more accepting area than the majority of the country due to the diversity,” he said. “However the lack of federally ensured rights for LGBT needs to be addressed at that level. Local acceptance can only go so far.”

For the future, though, he hopes to see much more equality than what we are seeing in 2015.

“The LGBT community will hopefully by then have our rights fully recognized and protected at the highest level possible.”

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