A pair of bisexual sisters from Ireland are making the effort to educate more people about safe sex.

Melanie Murphy and Jessie B, who both blog about fitness, beauty and lifestyle, took to YouTube together to talk about being sexually responsible as bisexuals. Talking about everything from contraceptive pills to testing options, they drew from their own personal experiences on the topic.

“There’s so much stuff they don’t talk about in school, so I think this is sort of a brilliant way to have a chat,” Murphy said in the video. “This is going to be very chatty, it’s not going to be a lecture.”

The duo also spoke about protection while being single and while in a relationship, and the fact that a sexually transmitted infection test cost $106 and can be easily accessed. Murphy and Jessie B, who have over 52 and two million video views respectively, said they previously did not know sex between women could cause the transfer of STIs.