As a member of the transgender community, Arianna Lint says the T in LGBT very much feels like it’s on the outside of the LGBT community.

But that hasn’t stopped her from founding the TransLatina Coalition. A refugee from Peru who came here in 2000, she said her time here has included the struggle to get access to the services she and others need.

“We provide services to all transgender people [regardless of race or color] in Broward County.

That is the population that never gets attention from other services. It’s a very hard job but it’s something my community needs.”

The problem she and other transgender individuals have, she said, is that people fail to understand the differences between lesbian and gay individuals and transgender individuals. In reality, whereas gay and lesbian individuals are defined by their sexuality, transgender individuals are mainly defined by their inner desire to have their bodies match their minds.

Even some doctors, she said, have trouble understanding her community.

“We are individuals and we need to have a place, a voice. Martin Luther King had a dream. The transgender community has a dream too. We’re trying to break barriers all the time.”