Openly gay Lake Worth City Commissioner, Andy Amoroso, says he has never come out.

“I never had to,” he said,” “My parents were cool with it from the beginning. “And I was never bothered in school.”

The Florida native was born in Broward and raised in Lake Worth.

He attended Lake Worth High and Palm Beach Community College (now Palm Beach State College), and majored in travel.

Amoroso opened the first gay travel agency in the county and had tremendous success. He sold the business and opened Studio 205 at 205 N. Federal Highway, the first and only gay emporium in Palm Beach County.

He moved to his current location at 600 Lake Ave. and has added a juice bar on L Street. He also owns a vintage goods store at 619 N. Dixie Highway called Atomic Living.

Amoroso entered politics “to make a difference” – for both gay and straight residents. “When the city is healthy, you can do so much more for everyone,” he said. “Just getting elected started that process,” he continued. “I’m the first elected gay city commissioner in Lake Worth and all of Palm Beach.”

And he still runs the only gay store in the county.

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