It’s not easy being a gay Republican and yet Andrew Eddy proves principles can exist.

Eddy, 77, is active in many groups in South Florida, but it is his role as a committeeman with the Broward Republican Executive Committee, which may surprise some in the LGBT community.

“It takes a lot of thick skin to deal with being of faith and a Republican Egalitarian because the abuse from the left and right can be brutal but in the essence of fairness and the strategic targeted goal of equality such efforts supersedes any negative agenda of exclusion and misrepresentation against who I am as a concerned and loyal American citizen,” said Eddy, who is Catholic and a pensioner of the Archdiocese of Miami.

Born and raised in New York City, Eddy moved to Deerfield Beach in the late 1970s and immediately became a powerful player for several organizations ranging from veterans groups (Eddy served in the U.S. Air Force) to charitable causes (Poverello, chief among them). Although he never made any secret of his sexual orientation, Eddy said there was also never a defining coming out moment in his life.

“I always blended in,” Eddy said. “I never felt the need to wave a banner of my sexual orientation in someone’s face.”

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