A Year After Pulse, Activists Launch #HonorThemWithAction

It’s a social media campaign designed to inspire people to do more than just use social media.

Equality Florida has launched #HonorThemWithAction to mark the date, June 12, 2016, that has passed since the LGBT night club Pulse was attacked on “Latin Night” and 49 people from the LGBT and Latinx communities were murdered.

“In the days that followed the Pulse massacre, shock and disbelief turned to grief and anger,” stated Nadine Smith, executive director for Equality Florida, in a press release. “At a moment when some sought to meet fear with fear and hate with hate, we saw a community pull together across difference and unite in a commitment to challenge bigotry and hatred, not nourish it. #HonorThemWithAction is a reminder and a pledge to uproot hatred and bigotry of all kinds and make the world a different, better, and more equal for all of us.”

Campaign organizers want individuals and organizations to take action to support the LGBT community, such as attending a rally or vigil, and volunteering. For those who can’t take action, organizers want individuals to use #HonorThemWithAction in social media posts to raise awareness about anti-LGBT hate crimes and bigotry.

“The Pulse massacre was a shooting in a popular gay nightclub on Latin night in the middle of pride month, and the victims were overwhelmingly LGBTQ and Latinx young people,” stated Hannah Willard, public policy director with Equality Florida, in a press release. “We have to name the communities that were attacked and we must ensure the lasting memorial is the real change of uprooting anti-LGBTQ hatred, discrimination, and violence in our culture.”

The social media campaign is already being used across the country to highlight LGBT events and causes.

On Facebook, Benjamin Newbern, executive director of Equality Project of the Shoals, an Alabama-based organization that provides community resources for the LGBT community, posted about the June 11 Equality March to commemorate Pulse. “On June 11, we march! This event will also mark the one-year anniversary of the #Pulse tragedy in #Orlando. #Equality #EqualityMarch #HonorThemWithAction.”

“As we draw near to the one year mark of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, FL., San Angelo PRIDE invites you to join us in a candlelight vigil on June 12, 2017 at 8pm at the Lone Wolf Bridge. Once the vigil has concluded, please stay and watch as the bridge will be illuminated in the rainbow colors and remain lit for 2 nights in memory of those lives who were lost… #HonorThemWithAction #WeRemember #UnitedWithOrlando,” wrote Deric Valdez, from West Texas, on Facebook.

Visit HonorThemWithAction.org for more information.

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