2019 has been a wonderful year of exciting changes in our world. This year the staff at SFGN has put together a fun and varietal gift giving guide for you to explore. Buying gifts should come from the heart each year, but sometimes its difficult to find that perfect gift for the person who has everything. 


Smart Connected Bike System by SmartHalo

Price: $149.00

By Online: us.smarthalo.bike

Senior Sales Associate Edwin Neimann

Living in South Florida with its beautiful weather all year means lots of bicycles on the roads. Ever wish you could track all those bicycle miles so they would count towards your daily fitness goals? Or wish you had an alarm on your bike to help prevent theft? Well, now you can with the Smart Connected Bike System by SmartHalo. At just $129, this is a great gift for that friend of yours who gets around town by bicycle more than by car. The Smart Bike System mounts right at the center of the handlebars and streamlines many functions including fitness tracking, navigation, an automatic headlight and even an alarm to prevent theft. The SmartHalo App is compatible with iPhone 4S and up, iOS 9 and up, Android phones equipped with BLE and Android 4.4 and up. At only .43 lb the Smart Bike System certainly won’t help you burn any additional calories on your bike rides.

Tiki Tunes

Price: As Low as $25 each

By Online: gettikitunes.io

Senior Sales Associate Clark Rogers

The Coolest Wireless Speaker Ever Made! Talk about conversation starters! This new award winning, Bluetooth speakers will add the perfect touch of relaxing ambience to your patio, deck, bedroom…heck, ANYWHERE! And the only thing that matches the way cool look is the way cool sound! TikiTunes make any atmosphere way cooler!

Bahamas Vacation

Price: $129 per person

By Online: bahamasparadisecruise.com

Sales Manager Justin Wyse

There’s nothing better than giving the gift of travel and relaxation. Traveling to the Bahamas is quick and easy and Bahamas Paradise offers a variety of options form a 3-day cruise trip to a cruise and stay vacation. Single passengers welcome which makes it great to travel with friends and have your own private space. Cruises leave daily from port of Palm Beach and onsite parking is available. Travel in style and upgrade to a VIP package for exclusive benefits and luxury accommodations. 

Quiet On Ear Buds

Price: $224.95

Buy Online:  zquiet.com

CEO Piero Guidugli

My husband is a big loud snorer. For years every single night around 2 or 3 I would end up on the living room couch trying to catch some sleep. We tried EVERYTHING, nothing worked until we came across these amazingly comfortable and soundproof earbuds. If your partner prevents you from having a restful night, I suggest you try them. Happy ZZZZZs

XP-PEN Artist Display 12 - Drawing Tablet

Price: $199

Buy Online: Amazon.com

Art Director Brendon Lies

Thanks to the advancement in technology, tools for digital artists are becoming more affordable than ever. This is especially true for drawing tablets that feature touch screens, such as the XP-PEN Artist Display 12. This compact tablet may be on the cheaper spectrum when it comes to tablet monitors, but it will feel like a luxury for you or your giftee when they can draw directly onto this 11.6 Inch display with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. So say goodbye to the learning curve of drawing on a tablet without a monitor, and treat the artist in your life (even if that's you!) to one of the most affordable touch-monitor drawing tablets on the market... it's sure to be a life-changer.

Cuisinart ICE-21R Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker

Executive editor jason Parsley

Where: Amazon.com

Price: $77

Why I like it:

Ever since this entered my kitchen, I’ve become a bit of an ice cream gourmet... my friends, family and coworkers would all agree. This convenient gadget has a paddle that makes frozen desserts and drinks in 20 minutes or less. Its large capacity makes up to one and a half quarts, and comes with a double insulated freezer bowl that eliminates the need for ice. Its easy lock transparent lid has a large spout that makes adding your fun ingredients simple and mess-free. To top it off, it’s fully automatic. Take it from me  when the day comes that your giftee begins to force-feed you their new concoctions, you’ll be able to say it was like a gift to yourself.

Some of my own Frozen Creations:



Hazelnut - flavored / Ripples 

Key Lime Pie - FroYo / Sorbet

Blueberry - Sherbet / FroYo

Vanilla Bean 

Mint Chocolate Chip

Vanilla with Toffee Bits 


Blueberry FroYo with Blueberry Compote



Hurry as you only have 19 days of shopping available before there is no more time. Online shopping deadlines may be different but do like I do and ship it directly to their house. Sometimes we just don’t want to see those in-laws or family members we cannot stand.  The endorsement of these gifts is our gift to you this year. We personally love them and enjoy them and so should you. Happy Holidays 2019!