Welcome to SFGN’s fifth OUT50 list.

When we decided five years ago to move forward with this idea we thought it would be difficult putting together enough names. It turned out the difficult part was narrowing it down to only 50 individuals.

Each year since I’ve worried that we were going to start running out of people. But after five years the hard part is still cutting our list down. There are just too many LGBT people in South Florida who are making a difference.

We’ve already recognized 200 local LGBT leaders, activists, business people, artists and others. And now we’re adding 50 more.

SFGN is proud to tell these stories and honor them in this year’s OUT50 list.

Stories of gay men like Andis Tamayo, an activist who is working to save child slaves in Haiti; lesbians like Rachel Simpson who is tackling substance abuse in the LGBT community; drag performers like Sushi, the famous queen shown around the world each New Year’s Eve as her shoe drops on Key West; and non-binary activists like Jack Lee Jordan, who leads a leadership program for local queer youth and Logan Meza, who helped organize the Florida March for Black Women and LadyFest Miami.  

Those are just five people in this issue. Make sure to read through them all.

These folks aren’t important because they are LGBT, they’re important because of their accomplishments and the work they do. But because they are LGBT they serve as role models for our community — and for future generations. These individuals prove that we are no longer a sideshow, but nowadays, the main show.

I hope these people inspire you – as they have inspired me.

So welcome to the 2018 South Florida OUT50, a list of activists, business leaders, organizers, and other out and proud members of the local LGBT community.

— Jason Parsley, SFGN's Associate Publisher


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Michael Mendillo

Rich Rodriguez

Rachel Simpson

Josie Smith

Julie Slater

and Karen Carroll

Scott Herman

Johnny Diaz

Gary Santis

Robyn Almodovar

Casey Koslowski

Naomi Cobb

Denise Yoezle

Tabatha Mudra

Andis Tamayo

Javier Gonzalez

Donna Watson

Bernadette Zizzo

Tony Dee

Gloria Stein

Samantha McCoy

Peter Kaldes

Tim Martin

Martin Childers

Mark Ketcham

Bryan Carstensen

Emily Cohen

Dawn Holloway

Rev. Anne Atwell

Camille Lewis

Eddie Orozco

Jack Lee Jordan

Jason Hagopian

Michelle Solomon

Corey Davis

Logan Meza

Kishi Martin

Tracy Young

Herb Sosa

David Mittleman

Elayna Toby Singer

Lee Edmondson


Janis Kidder

Steven Caras

Adrienne Percival

Myra Koutzen

Sarah Malega

Marcie Hall


Laurie Thibaud

Dennis Beaver


All photographs submitted unless otherwise specified.