We Ranked Florida's Best Colleges for LGBT Students

There are not a lot of gathered resources on what the best LGBT accessible colleges are in the nation, especially in Florida.

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It can be hard to find what college is the most accepting when it comes to LGBT communities or what kind of programs a college offers. So we decided to break that down.

We looked at all 12 state universities, as well as some of the largest private and community colleges in the state. We looked at which schools had an LGBT center by them, what kind of organizations they had on campus, as well as which had some type of gender-neutral housing policy.

We also looked at local laws against discrimination as well as the communities that surround these colleges.

Besides those factors, we looked at what are some of the best classes on LGBT topics in universities. We looked at some of the best scholarships as well, including ones from in state as well as nationally.

What follows is a one-of-a-kind guide, one that you won't see anywhere else. We hope you can find that useful as you use this to find what college fits your LGBT needs.


LGBT-Friendly Florida Colleges: First Place is Florida International University

LGBT-Friendly Florida Colleges: Tied Second Place is University of South Florida

LGBT-Friendly Florida Colleges: Tied Second Place is University of Florida

Top LGBT Scholarships To Apply To

Most Interesting LGBT Classes in Florida Universities


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