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Welcome to SFGN’s fourth OUT50 list. When we decided four years ago to come up with this list we thought it would be difficult putting together enough names. It turned out the difficult part was narrowing it down to only 50 individuals.

This year I was worried that we were going to start running out of names since we’ve already recognized 150 local LGBT leaders. Again, I was wrong. The hard part isn’t coming up with names, it’s cutting them out. There are just too many LGBT people in South Florida that are making a difference.

SFGN is proud to tell these stories and honor them in this year’s OUT50 list.

Stories like that of John Adornato, mayor of Oakland Park, who is most proud of being a dad; Tom Runyan, a local lawyer, who brought the community together in the name of love after the Pulse massacre last year; and trans activists like Morgan Mayfaire, who is bringing the trans together with his website.

Those are just 3 people in this issue. Make sure to read through them all.

These folks aren’t important because they are LGBT, they’re important because of their accomplishments and the work they do. But because they are LGBT they serve as role models for our community — and for future generations. These individuals prove that we are no longer a sideshow, but nowadays, the main show.

I hope these people inspire you – as they have inspired me.

So welcome to the 2017 South Florida OUT50, a list of activists, business leaders, organizers, and other out and proud members of the local LGBT community.

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OUT50 AdornatoT

John Adornato

OUT50 ArmsteadT

Paulette Armstead

OUT50 CaputoT

Chris Caputo

OUT50 CarsonT

Julie Carson

OUT50 DavidsonT

Myron Davidson

OUT50 Dioquino2T

Harold Dioquino

OUT50 DunlapPenningtonT

David Dunlap &

Wesley Pennington

OUT50 GilyardT

Kezia Gilyard

OUT50 GrantT

Emery Grant

OUT50 HawkeT

Mandi Hawke

OUT50 JaredT

Jarad Gibson

OUT50 LamarcheT

Robert Lamarche

OUT50 LandisT

Julia Landis

OUT50 ShawT

Marvin Shaw

OUT50 MayfaireT

Morgan Mayfaire

OUT50 MilkT

Miik Martorell

OUT50 Narinesingh2T

Rajee Narinesingh

OUT50 ReichmanT

Jodi Reichman

OUT50 RoaT

Roger Roa

OUT50 RunyanT

Tom Runyan

OUT50 TiffanyT

Tiffany Arieagus

OUT50 WilliamsT

Tatiana Williams

Thumb Spivak

Denise Spivak

thumb Watkins

Durrell Watkins

thumb Zepka

Victor Zepka

OUT50 CaspianCassidyT

Caspian Cassidy

OUT50 SteveTorrenceT

Steve Torrence

OUT50 SusanKentT

Susan Kent

thumb Sifuentes

May Sifuentes

thumb Sagara

Annie Segara

thumb Dominguez

Maria Dominguez

thumb Gabby

Gabriel Garcia-Vera

thumb Gimenez

Victor Giminez

thumb Jones

Trey Jones

thumb mejia

Johnnie Mejia

thumb Parker

Parker Phillips

thumb Richardson

David Richardson

thumb Valero

Charo Valero

thumb Welsh

Johnathan Welsh

OUT50 HowardGrossmanT

Howard Grossman

OUT50 JessBlackmanT

Jess Blackman


OUT50 JoanShirley

Shirley Herman &

Joan Waitkevicz

OUT50 MasonT

Mason Phelps

OUT50 TiaJolieT

Tia Jolie

OUT50 TonyaJohnsonT

Tonya Johnson

OUT50 TrentSteeleT

Trent Steele

thumb Chang

Rolando Barrero

thumb grattendick

Michael Grattendick

thumb Panarites

Jana Panarites

thumb Woods

Michael Woods