SFGN's Bisexual Special Package

Even if “Bisexual” is the third letter in LGBT, it tends to be an afterthought. After first mention, the initialism typically gets synonymized with "gay and trans communities." Bi social groups are few and far between unless lumped in with other sexual identities. In fact, bisexuals didn't even have their own themed pride parade until just this year in Tel Aviv, Israel.

They are also often misunderstood. They face stigma from straight people and even members of the LGT community for "not being able to pick one" in terms of which gender they are attracted to. They are often accused of "actually being straight or gay, but not wanting to commit." People often falsely assume — with no help of media depictions — that bisexual people are promiscuous, they desire more than one partner, or that they cannot commit.

For these reasons, many bisexuals prefer to stay in the closet. Their mental stability often suffers from being isolated from all sides. They are less likely to seek out help for sexually transmitted illnesses.

But the truth is, their numbers are bigger than they seem.

The UK 2012 Bisexuality Report asserts that people who have ever been attracted to more than one gender make up “a significant minority, or even a majority, of the population.” Family members, neighbors, friends, celebrities — you may know many bisexual people without the slightest notion.

Despite what people may falsely believe, bisexuals do exist. They are real. They are not all promiscuous. They do not all prefer more than one partner. They are not faking it to fit in. They deserve as much as the rest of the LGBT community. And they most certainly aren't going to let a hurricane stop their time to shine.

Sept. 17 through 23 is Bisexual Visibility Week, with Saturday being 2017’s Bisexuality Day. Celebrate the visibility this week with South Florida Gay News.

Welcome to the bisexual special package.


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