Are you stumped this holiday season? Unsure of what to get the hard to buy person in your life? The staff of SFGN has put together a rather amazing list of some very fun and unique gifts this year. Electronics, gadgets, food and entertainment are always a sure way to put a smile on your friend or family's face. Take a look as our team has done the work for you this year!



Super Nintendo Classic Edition

Justin Wyse – Sales Manager

Cost: $79.99

Where to Buy: GameStop

Why I like it: If you grew up loving Nintendo then there’s no better gift this year than the SNES Classic. Don’t be tricked into buying this online for double the price by scalpers. Nintendo promises to have promises to release more consoles in time for the holidays. What makes this console so great is that the games are preloaded which means no pesky cartridges. Good Luck shopping this year!


Nintendo Switch Console Docked wJoyConRB

Nintendo Switch

Tim Higgins – Office Manager

Cost: $299.99

Where to Buy: Best Buy

Why I like it: It's fun, exciting, and easy to use with Wi-Fi. Can take it anywhere and fits in the palm of your hands. Great for all ages! Fun way to complete your monthly game night with friends. Games can be downloaded, or you can purchase the traditional cartridges.



Chocolates from To The Moon

Edwin Neimann – Senior Sales Associate

Cost: Varies

Where to Buy: To The Moon in Wilton Manors

Why I like it: The Holidays are here again and what does that mean? It’s the one time of year we get a free pass to indulge our taste buds in as many sweets and desserts as we desire. That is, of course, before the New Year’s resolution to get in better shape kicks in. And what better place to find all kinds of delectable delights than everyone’s favorite candy/gift store, To The Moon. If you are a chocolate lover like me, you will find every variety of chocolate imaginable.   And there’s a huge variety of other candies as well. After you stash up on your favorite chocolates and candies don’t forget to check out all the novelty gifts and collectibles at To The Moon.   You may just find that perfect gift you haven’t been able to find yet.

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Yiynova MVP20U+FE Full HD Tablet Monitor

Brendon Lies - Art Director

Cost: $409

Where to Buy: Amazon

Why I like it: If you’re into digital art, you know that tablets aren’t cheap —especially with built-in screens. An older used cintiq tablet goes for over a grand, and people jump to pay it. After all, what artist hasn’t drooled over the opportunity to paint directly into photoshop, no learning curve required? Fortunately, advancements every year have allowed drawing tablets with built-in screens to drop in price while still bursting with potential. Pressure sensitive up to 2048 levels with 16.7 million Colors and 1920x1080 resolution, the Yiynova is a paragon of where low price meets high quality. Granted, it won’t be the cheapest gift you ever get, but whether for yourself or someone else who’s eager for a window into the world of digital painting, you can feel good knowing that not a single dollar was wasted.


Screen Shot 2017 12 04 at 5.26.04 PM

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set (Fifth Edition)

Brittany Ferrendi - Digital Content Director

Cost: $19.99

Where to Buy:

Why I like it: What the heck is a D&D game doing in my gay newspaper? Giving you the escape fantasy of your dreams, of course. There are two kinds of people in this world that don’t play D&D — those who brush it off by equating it with geeky Live-Action Role Playing (LARPing) and those who just have no one to play it with. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, one thing is for sure: Dungeons & Dragons is for everyone, because you can create a world all your own. What’s not to love about exploring your interests in a stress-free environment?

3578821 fpxMacy’s Egyptian Cotton Embroidered Queen Sheet Set

John McDonald - Reporter/Editor

Cost: $250.00

Where to Buy:

Why I like it: Beds are essential. I don’t quite understand why I like this set other than I am told, from a rock-solid source, that cotton sheets are the best. I am also told that one should not settle for anything under 400 thread count.

Macy’s is loyal to the LGBT community, so I will stick with them. Why does Egypt claim responsibility? I have no idea. The queen size goes without question.

Bottom line here folks is a good night’s sleep is very important. Rest well.


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Victrola Wooden 6-in-1 Nostalgic 3-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth

Norm Kent - Publisher

Cost: $99.99

Where to Buy: Bed Bath & Beyond

Why I like it: For only a hundred bucks, vinyl is fun again, and sounding awesome! Not the ghost but the greatness and glory of Christmas Past will come back to you with this smoothly spinning and marvelously looking combination turntable, CD player, cassette player and Victrola all rolled into one, with a bluetooth and AM/FM radio to boot. It’s the looks and design you grew up with, fast forwarded to the present, mechanized and modernized. It’s like you are driving your 1965 Mustang with a 2018 engine and 21st century technology. Self-contained, does not take up a lot of space, and you can easily maneuver from your 40 year old vinyls, 30 year old cassettes, and 20 year old CD’s with the touch of a button.


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Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Headphones With Active Noise Cancellation

Pier Angelo - Chief executive officer

Cost: $410.45

Where to Buy: Best Buy, Guitar Center, Amazon

Why I like it: The new HD1 Wireless lets you experience crystal-clear Sennheiser sound without being attached to a cable. This high-resolution headset sets the benchmark for performance, style and comfort in the wireless headphone category. Bluetooth technology is integrated with engineering expertise to ensure Sennheiser signature sound remains intact. Near Field Communication (NFC) is provided for effortless “at a touch” Bluetooth pairing with any NFC-enabled device. Further enhancing the audio experience is Noise Gard hybrid active noise cancellation that virtually eliminates unwanted ambient sound. Your voice will sound crystal clear during phone calls thanks to Voice Max; dual built-in microphones that dynamically cancel out external interference for perfect speech intelligibility. HD1 Wireless features an iconic design using premium materials like stainless steel and real leather. Large ergonomically designed ear cups use memory foam cushions to provide extreme comfort for long listening sessions. The stainless steel headband is foldable for easy and compact storage in the supplied premium carry case. You can enjoy HD1 Wireless everywhere!