Welcome to SFGN’s third OUT50 list. When we decided two years ago to come up with this list we thought it would be difficult putting together enough names. It turned out the difficult part was narrowing it down to only 50 individuals.

For our third list we still face the same dilemma. The hard part isn’t gathering names, it’s cutting them out.

Again this year we found ourselves having to narrow the list down. There are just too many LGBT people in South Florida that are making a difference.

SFGN is proud to tell these folks’ stories and honor them in this year’s OUT50 list.

Stories of business leaders like Phil Quattrone and Judd Chapman, owners of Pineapple Point, a gay guesthouse in Fort Lauderdale, and Brenda Hartley, local vice president of Bank United; trans activists like Arianna Lint and Atticus Ranck; lawyers like Dan Hall and Randy Katz; and other leaders like Shanna Ratliff, an HIV activist, and Carly Cass, an LGBT youth advocate.

These folks aren’t important because they are LGBT, they’re important because of their accomplishments and the work they do. But because they are LGBT they serve as role models for our community — and for future generations. These individuals prove that we are no longer a sideshow, but nowadays, the main show.

Editing these stories once again inspired me and I hope their stories will inspire you as well.

So welcome to the SFGN 2016 South Florida OUT50, a list of activists, business leaders, organizers, and other out and proud members of the local LGBT community.

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Christopher Bates

 Ruth & Connie

Rodney Briguglio

Katharine Campbell


Leticia Carrazana

Heather Carruthers

Carly Cass

Orlando Castellano


Danny Equizabal

Ken Evans

Sue Gallagher

Lacey Camper

Rod Hagwood

Dan Hall

Tom Hantzarides

Brenda Hartley

Suzi Hollis

Randy Katz

Mark Kent

Leland Kolbert

PJ & Mary

Jeff Lehman

Velvet Lenore

Arianna Lint

Jacqueline Lorber

Carol Lynn

Listron Mannix

Chad Matthews

Cathy & Karla

Mimi Planas

Bruce Presley

Atticus Ranck

Shanna Ratliff

Lorenzo Robertson

Andy & Michael

Chris Rudisill

Det. Sanchez

Josue Santiago

Rob Shore

Heidi Siegel

Mark Silver

Paul Smith

Steve Smith

Terry Stone

AJ Wasson

Davy Whims

Bryan Wilson


Keith Hart