Marianne Deborah Williamson continues to campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination despite low poll numbers and poor fundraising.

Williamson, as of the most recent FEC reporting cycle, had raised just over $3 million. That number is below 18 other candidates some of whom (Jay Inslee, John Hickenlooper and Kirtsen Gillibrand) have already dropped out.

Her campaign lists Sacramento, Calif. as its home address. Williamson, 67, is the author of several best-selling books.

In “The Age of Miracles Embracing The New Midlife” Williamson writes candidly of relationships she has been in and celebrities she has met along the way. In a chapter of the book titled “I Will Survive” Williamson writes of binary choices:

“The problem I see most often blocking the romantic impulse is a stifled sense of self: Many men aren’t really sure how to be men, and many women aren’t really sure how to be women. Our generational detour into an ambisexual wasteland was part of what emotionally stunted many of us for years.”

Williamson continues, “When a woman thinks that she can overdo her ‘masculine self’ and a man will still want her, or a man thinks he can overdo his ‘feminine self’ and a woman will still want him, then all manner of confusion leads to all manner of pain.”

The book was published before transgender and gender fluidity became more visible in American culture. Williamson participated in a presidential forum sponsored by GLAAD last month in Iowa but is not scheduled to participate in the Human Rights Campaign town hall next week.

Her campaign could not be reached for comment via telephone. 

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At the GLAAD event in Iowa, Williamson defended past comments concerning prayer and disease in relation to her sister’s breast cancer experience.

“I believed that with love for each other we could get through it together and with my behavior we demonstrated that,” Williamson said.

In “The Age of Miracles” Williamson often inserts short prayers to God. Most recently, she admitted to praying to God to keep powerful sea storms away from American shores.

Williamson founded the Los Angeles Center for Living to provide care for people living with HIV/AIDS. At the time, science had yet to catch up to the deadly virus and medicine was scare. Case files from the Center revealed many of those suffering from the disease were shut-ins and mostly homebound.

Project Angel Food was started, Williamson said, to deliver food to homebound people with AIDS. Since 1989, the organization has served more than 12 million meals.

Speculation swirls as to how much longer Williamson will remain in the race for the Democratic nomination. She did not qualify for the party’s next debate, Oct. 15, in Ohio. Despite low fundraising numbers Williamson merited enough attention to be spoofed by the writers of NBC’s late night comedy sketch, Saturday Night Live.

On the Sept. 28 show the actressChloe Fineman played Williamson declaring she was going to impeach President Trump by trapping his soul in a crystal.