As Democrats wander toward their first debate, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg came in fifth in this week’s polling.

In a survey of more than a dozen polls, Real Clear Politics projects former Vice President Joe Biden as leading the pack. Real Clear Politics, a Chicago-based aggregator, places Buttigieg at No. 5 with 6.2 percent of support from Democratic voters. 

Over the holiday weekend as Buttigieg marched in his citys Memorial Day parade, Fred Karger, the last gay man to campaign for president, called on the Human Rights Campaign to endorse Mayor Buttigieg.

Hey @ChadHGriffin @HRC thought you were going to endorse surging @PeteButtigieg for #POTUS2020 He announced four weeks ago! What are you waiting for Christmas? He needs your help now!” Karger tweeted May 27.

In 2012 Karger campaigned for the Republican Party nomination as an openly gay man. Utah Sen. Mitt Romney ultimately won the nomination that cycle. The Human Rights Campaign, of which Chad Griffin presides, claims to be the nations largest LGBT civil rights organization.

The rest of the poll shakes out like this:

1.      Joe Biden, 34.7

2.      Bernie Sanders, 17.7

3.      Elizabeth Warren, 9.8

4.      Kamala Harris, 8.0

5.      Pete Buttigieg, 6.2

6.      Beto O’Rourke, 3.7

7.      Cory Booker, 2.1

8.      Amy Klobuchar, 1.7

9.      Julian Castro, 1.9

10.  Andrew Yang, 1.0

11.  Tulsi Gabbard, 0.8

12.  Kirsten Gillibrand, 0.7

13.  Tim Ryan, 0.5

14.  Bill de Blasio, 0.5

15.  Seth Moulton, 0.4

16.  Marianne Williamson, 0.3

17.  Michael Bennet, 0.3

18.  John Delaney, 0.3

19.  Steve Bullock, 0.2

20.  Jay Inslee, 0.2