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(CNN) Anchorman Don Lemon, who is gay, was chosen to be one of three moderators for the upcoming Democratic presidential debates.

Round two of the partys debates will take place July 30-31 at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. Lemon, 53, has been with CNN since 2006. The Louisiana native came out gay in his memoir, “Transparent.He’s called the president a racist, said white men are the biggest terror threat in this country and was voted worst journalist by the Columbia Journalism Review, Fox & Friends and Rolling Stone magazine. 

As for the candidates, there is one less to consider.

Eric Swalwell dropped out of the race on Monday.  The California congressman ended his campaign for the Democratic nomination but vowed to continue to fight climate chaos.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee blasted the president for his misunderstanding of the climate debate. 

Donald Trump is wrong, wind turbines do not cause cancer, they cause jobs,” Inslee told a crowded room at the Old Church in southwest Portland. Donald Trump is wrong, climate change is not a Chinese hoax and Donald Trump is wrong when he says solving the climate crisis costs jobs when not solving the climate crisis costs jobs." 

Inslee described conditions in South Florida as alarming.

Forty-two thousand acres of the Everglades was on fire,” Inslee said of his recent visit to the region. Miami hosted the first Democratic debate last month. When your swamps are burning in America we got a problem," Inslee said.