Pete Buttigieg and Donald Trump traded jabs this week as the Presidential campaign continues to develop.

As of May 3, President Trump had a 46 percent job approval score from Gallup. In Panama City Beach last week, a puffed up Trump took the stage in front of prominent Florida Republicans. 

In a chest thumping 1-hour and 24-minute speech Trump paused to ridicule Buttigieg, the young gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

“You have this young man, Buttigieg, Buddha-Edge-Edge. They say, ‘Edge, Edge,’” Trump blustered. “He’s got a great chance doesn’t he? He’ll be great. He’ll be great. Representing us against President Shee (Xi Jinping) of China. That’ll be great. That’ll be great. I wanna be in the room, I wanna watch that one.”

Off-stage Trump compared Buttigieg to a character from Mad Magazine.

“Alfred E. Neuman cannot become President of the United States,” Trump said.

Neuman is the mascot of Mad Magazine, an American humor magazine in publication since 1952. Campaigning in Los Angeles, Buttigieg dismissed the attempted insult as a generational joke.

“I didn’t get the reference,” he told reporters. “It’s kind of funny, I guess.”

As for the remarks on China, Buttigieg thoughtfully addressed the topic.

“I was thinking of the Chinese proverb that goes: ‘When the wind changes, some people build walls and some people build windmills,’’’ Buttigieg said.

LGBT Field Notes:

Chelsea Manning, the transgender U.S. Army whistleblower, told CNN on Sunday the media is the Trump administration’s real target. 

“Whenever a journalist makes a misstep, I think that they are put on notice now that the FBI and the Department of Justice are going to go after them on the administration’s behalf,” Manning told CNN’s Reliable Sources.