The LGBT community is notorious for showing unity in various ways. 

The Ujima Men’s Collective started off the new year by showing unity through a networking social. What better place to have an LGBT networking mixer than at The Stonewall Museum, located in the heart of Wilton Manors on Wilton Drive. 

The mixer was a chance for creatives and business experts to fellowship together, meet new friends, and connect generations. 

“Our first Ujima Men's Collective networking Social was an amazing opportunity to meet other black LGBTQ entrepreneurs and leaders from South Florida,” said Lorenzo Robertson the Ujima Men’s Collective Coordinator. “It was great to have a space to share to put into practice the Principles of Kwanzaa. To recognize and to support our people. A space to unapologetically Black.” 

During the early stages of the mixer, everyone had the opportunity to speak as they stood in a circle, introduce themselves, share cool facts about their business, and pass out business cards. 

Although the Ujima Collective is a male initiative, women were also allowed to attend the event. Some of the guests included Eric Runyan, President of the Front Runners of Fort Lauderdale. The organization promotes running, walking, and all-around socializing. 

Creative Artist and LGBT Advocate Nikki Lopez, who is well known in the Fort Lauderdale art community, was also present. Lopez is the creator of “What’s Your Elephant” Movement at the 1310 Gallery in Fort Lauderdale. Glenroy James, MBA and insurance agent from New York Life Insurance. James aims to help individuals become millionaires by the time they hit 65, sometimes sooner.  Jamie from ATG Print House also made an appearance. Jamie spends her time creating art for her clients through screen printing, embroidery, graphic design, vinyls, and even promotional flyers. 

Several of the guests that were in attendance spoke about working with each other on future projects and collaborating at various community functions. 

One guest, Ederick Johnson, who serves as the Minister of Music of the Historical St. John AME Church South Miami and former Coordinator of the KiKi Project at the Pride Center, was there in good spirits as he met new people and caught up with old friends. 

“In this community we lack togetherness and unity,” Johnsonsaid. “To be in a room with so many influential persons from our community was amazing. I also went to support Lorenzo Robertson who has committed a lifetime to the betterment of our society.” 

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