Here you can find helpful information on managing money such as spending less, eliminating credit card debt, funding for retirement, and more.

Funding Gay Retirement

Approaching retirement can be scary with its litany of changes. With age differences in the family one might be retiring while the other is still in their prime earning years.

Deciding how much money is required for a comfortable retirement remains a big unknown. Providing for health care between an employer’s group plan and Medicare has to be considered.

Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt

A credit card is a powerful tool and when deftly wielded can be very useful.

Used without knowledge or understanding it is financially deadly. I use a rewards card and pay the majority of expenses including insurance, phones, travel, groceries, fuel, tolls, entertainment, shopping, subscriptions and home maintenance with that card. The rewards pile up. The bill is paid on the due date without interest.

There is only one rule about credit card interest: don’t incur it. That’s it, don’t. Credit card interest gets you nothing. Remember the one rule: don’t.

Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation

The goal of credit counseling is to help you better understand how credit works, what credit is for and when and how to use credit. This is not rocket science though there is a key point to keep in mind: in almost all cases credit counseling is a business. Big business.

Managing Money In Your Gay Family

Since you have trimmed spending and increased savings and been able to get out of the house more, perhaps you have found another gay man or lesbian with whom you want to spend more time; perhaps you are even in love and plan to spend the rest of your lives together.

It all starts out so beautifully, settles to the mundane and devolves into chaos. The good news is it doesn’t have to.

Taxes Are Spending

Taxes are paid all day long every time you spend: sales taxes, use taxes, value-added taxes, shipping taxes, etc.

A note about big taxes, like property taxes; these taxes usually are payable on a schedule with a due date some months later. If you pay the tax on time it is the actual rate. If you pay it late there is usually a late penalty that will cause you to spend additional money on tax that was unnecessary.