Monthly Publication Attempted to Fast Track Straight Nightlife

The South Florida Chronicle, a monthly straight magazine that was infrequently distributed in South Florida, has bit the dust.

Its owner, Patrick Zarelli, also known as ‘Kid Chronic,’ announced Saturday they have stopped publishing. Its last issue was a combined June/July, product, awkward for a monthly, but consistent with their amorphous Facebook theme that they publish, “when we feel like it.”

‘Kid Chronic’ had bragged that he posted 4,000 blogs with “2.5 million views,” which was “all in day’s work.” His magazine featured “a splash of politics and a big heaping side dish of hot babes.”

The magazine’s cocky Facebook page, laced with braggadocio, also had proffered that the Chronicle has “the glory, the fame, the money, the jewels, the cash, the Denali, getting drunk on the reg, fucking good times on the reg, yachts on the reg, sex on the reg, and basically all the shit most men fantasize about.”

Zarelli declared on Monday “the South Florida Chronicle has shut down completely.” He intends, however, to reincorporate “as a new company with a whole new concept.”

Further indicating that he has “no money, does not own a home, or even a car,” Zarelli scoffed at the thought of being sued for past debts, noting, “the company doesn’t exist anymore,” and “doesn’t even have a bank account.”

Publisher Norm Kent of the South Florida Gay News announced that advertisers who had paid the Chronicle in advance and sought to move some of their dollars to SFGN “would get a discount that might offset some of their losses… we don’t want to allow their failure to diminish the stature of the print media industry, so we are reaching out to see if we can fill a void.”

Kent instructed those impacted to contact Sales Representative Justin Wyse, at 954-530-4970, who himself is still owed money by the Chronicle from the period of time he worked there last year.

“Zarelli promised to bring in money to settle a former employee’s legitimate claim, but he failed to honor the agreement,” Kent stated. “Apparently, it’s a pattern, but we wish him well with his new venture…a  little less cockiness and arrogance and maybe he will get it right next time.”