Vynique Moon never intended to start a small business but after taking up crocheting during the COVID-19 quarantine, they found a new passion.

Soon, they had made so many pieces that they needed to make room for new creations. One hundred and fifty-six Depop sales later, Moon has a successful small business, Moon by Moon Crochet, that grows daily.

“[I sell] scrunchies, bandanas, beanies, bucket hats, sweaters, bralettes, crop tops, skirts, and cardigans will be coming soon!” Moon said. “I have a Pride collection, I make fruit print things, and fictional character-related items.”

Moon’s favorite product is a black and white Doctor Who-inspired sweater that they hand-crocheted.

“Yes, my corny behind had to make a Doctorriver sweater revolving around this line of dialogue because IT’S JUST SO GOOD,” they wrote under a photo of the sweater on Instagram.

Moon, who is pansexual, recommends three products for new customers: bucket hats, bandanas, and sweaters.

Their bucket hats come in many different designs, such as grape-themed, cloud-themed, and heart-themed.

Moon’s bandana selection has a pride collection that includes transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and more LGBT-inspired color schemes. They also offer pride-inspired scrunchies.

Sweaters can be custom-made or bought from pre-existing listings in Moon’s shop.

Moon by Moon Crochet has accumulated over 1,760 followers between Instagram and Depop and over 150 sales just on Depop.

“I like to think people like my designs because of how I execute them. Also, my color schemes are delicious, in my opinion,” Moon said.

Advertising their products on social media has been challenging, according to Moon.

“Instagram's algorithm is horrific and I don’t have the funds to do an ad campaign or anything like that,” they said. However, they are determined to grow their business despite the challenges.

The goal of their business is simple: To make art.

To support this LGBT-owned small business, visit Moon’s Depop shop @vyniquemoon or check out their Instagram @byvynique.