Your new favorite spiritual decor is just a click away at the Off Beatnik Etsy shop. 

Queer and non-binary fiber artist Kodi Howard Birtch wanted to fill their inner desire to heal their community and found that there was no better way to do it than with art.

“Once I made connections with people in my local art district, EGAD, I was energetically invited into a space where I could do just that,” they said.

Birtch works with materials such as beads, crystals, wire, and yarn to create their products, which are called Altar Adornments.

“They’re wire wrapped crystal wall hangings [which are] intuitively designed and inspired by Tarot cards. You can hang them above your altar if you’re into that, but many people put them on their rear-view mirror in their car,” Birtch said. “They can be hung anywhere that re-centers you throughout your day. Wherever you do yoga, meditate, even a corner in your office that you can look at periodically throughout the day to ground yourself.”

Each Altar Adornment is inspired by a Tarot card that Birtch draws before beginning the creation process.

“I typically make them match the energy of the associated Tarot card, but I also custom make them with crystals that are intuitively chosen for the seeker, depending on their needs,” they said.

Altar Adornments aren’t just beneficial for whoever purchases them. Birtch has found that making them brings them peace and clarity.

“Creating the Altar Adornments is a meditative experience for me. I play sound bowl or chakra cleansing music, I light candles and incense, and I connect with my Spirit Guides,” they said. “I allow them to come forward and utilize me as I do when I heal people. Each piece is charged with beautiful, healing energy.”

While Altar Adornments are the main focus of Off Beatnik, Birtch offers more products.

“Altar Adornments are my favorite to make, but I do so much more. I also make what I call Vibe Clips. They’re cigarette holder clips adorned with semi-precious crystals and a cute charm on the end,” they said.

Birtch has also made lamp shade-style chandeliers and wall hangings and offers Tarot readings.

Birtch said that the purpose of Off Beatnik is the same purpose as their life: “to energetically expand each person [they] come into contact with.”

To support this LGBT-owned small business, check out their Instagram @off.beatnik or visit their Etsy shop