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Instead of purchasing your jewelry from big-name brands, browse through Oh Golly! Designs by Polly’s Etsy shop to support an LGBT-owned business that prioritizes eco-friendly materials.

Bisexual Polly Hill started her small business after reflecting upon her innate desire to create during a long conversation with her fiancé.

“I knew I wanted to create something that makes people feel confident and like themselves, and having jewelry be one of those mediums of empowerment for myself — that’s what I chose!” she said.

Hill specializes in zero-waste jewelry pieces such as earrings and bracelets.

“I think being as environmentally friendly as you can be is so important!” she said. She uses zero-waste polymer clay in her pieces and anything cut off the original slab is used in other pieces.

However, Hill doesn’t stop with clay pieces.

“I also sell some ‘reclaimed’ pieces which consist of beads, charms etc. which would have otherwise gone to landfill,” she said.

Her favorite product to make are stud earrings. “They are so small yet pack a big punch of personality!” Hill said.

Though running her small business has been enjoyable, Hill reflected on some roadblocks she has faced.

“The biggest challenges I have faced have come from within myself [and] believing I’m not good enough [or] not capable,” she said. “But my friends, family and all of my supporters have lifted me up which I am so grateful for.”

Aside from her struggles, Hill has big dreams for her shop.

“The main purpose of my business is to bring little pieces of colour and joy to people’s lives,” she explained. “I’ve had a lot of people buying for friends who they can’t see because of lockdown and I’m being told it’s cheering those people up a lot — which means the absolute world to me that my work is capable of doing that!”

Every piece that Hill creates is unique — you’ll never get the same piece twice. From groovy flower dangles to handmade clay incense holders, Hill has something that everyone will enjoy.

Even if nothing in her shop calls to you, she does commissions through her Instagram page where you can order custom products. 

You can support this LGBT-owned small business by visiting Hill’s Etsy shop or following her on Instagram @ohgolly_designs.