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If you’ve been searching for an LGBT-owned CBD and Delta-8 THC business to shop for, look no further than Kayz Homegrown Blendz.

“I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, and depression at a young age and struggled to find any medications that would actually help my symptoms. So I tried to find more natural remedies that would help me and after lots of research and trying out different things, cannabis was the only thing that was showing actual results and relief for me,” business owner Kay Rickerson said.

Rickerson wanted to share her relief with others, so after growing her own cannabis, she began to create products with it.

Kayz Homegrown Blendz offers a multitude of CBD and Delta-8 THC products such as gummies, facial serums, pain relief gels, and tinctures.

“My favorite items are either the CBD Tinctures, since we are almost one of the only companies that offer 3600mg of CBD, and the Delta-8 Gummiez since they have a similar effect to edibles you would buy at the dispensary,” Rickerson said.

Kayz Homegrown Blendz launched earlier this year and Rickerson is doing everything she can to spread the word and grow their business.

“The biggest challenge for us is to market/advertise our products to consumers so they can find us and our awesome products and events,” they said.

Kayz Homegrown Blendz has already begun making appearances at cannabis events nationwide and plans to continue to do so all this year.

Rickerson says that her business has allowed her to pursue her love for growing cannabis while also meeting new people within the community.

“I really do have a passion for growing and just that alone is awesome, but then also being able to make that into products that can help others is something that really makes me feel like we are doing something right,” they said. “My other favorite part [of owning my small business] is being able to meet so many different and awesome people that also have the same love for cannabis as I do.”

Rickerson believes that Kayz Homegrown Blendz sets itself apart from competing businesses.

She says that her business is unique because of three main factors: “We truly put all our hearts into every product we make, only put the best pure ingredients and our own organic CBD into our products, and that we strive to have every package be 100% eco-friendly.”

To support this LGBT-owned small business, visit or check out their Instagram @kayzhomegrownblendz.