Monica Murray, a queer artist, specializes in celestial-themed gender-neutral jewelry options.

She started up her small business, Moonshine Spectrum, to give herself a creative outlet that would bring good to the community.

“I wanted to create jewelry which was inclusive,” Murray said. “My jewelry has always been for everyone and I try my best to create things I think lots of people would like. I also have made earrings which are designed with creating a statement in mind, whether it be political or simply style-wise.”

Her jewelry always has a little bit of a unique twist, whether it be hand-mixed clay colors or multi-colored beading that are different for every pair of earrings.

“I mostly sell jewelry which is a combination between polymer clay and gold findings. Usually, the themes are celestial and political,” Murray said.

She even has a couple of favorites up in her shop.

“I think I’d have to say that my favorite items are either the new crystal earrings or the very loved dyke earrings,” Murray shared.

There’s a piece for everyone in Murray’s shop as her products range from bold, colorful earrings to simple and dainty rings.

Moonshine Spectrum recently reached 300 sales, which was a big accomplishment for Murray. She has even loftier goals for the coming year.

“My main goal is just to keep learning, bettering myself and providing people with packages of joy. In a more business sense, I think it would be to be able to break even as a business and to grow the number of people who know Moonshine Spectrum exists,” she said.

Owning a small business has allowed Murray to not only grow as an artist, but also as a member of the LGBT community.

“I love being able to create anything that fulfills me at that time and getting to share that with like-minded people,” she said.

For Murray, her love of creating ties into a bigger goal of creating a unique community of LGBT jewelry lovers.

“I’d say the purpose of my business is to create a shop and a community of queer, kind-hearted people who all enjoy quirky, celestial and fun jewelry,” she said.

To support this LGBT-owned small business, visit the Moonshine Spectrum Etsy shop or follow the shop on Instagram @moonshine_spectrum.