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Celina Tran has always been a fan of literature.

During the pandemic, she wanted to find a way to combine her love for books and newfound candle making skills, so she created Wax and Words. 

The business offers book-inspired candles and wax melts such as Ardently Admire, a “Pride and Prejudice” themed candle that smells like blackberry and peony, with undertones of red apple, rose, jasmine, violet, plum, musk, dry amber and blackcurrant, according to the Etsy description. 

“I love love love my sea breeze scented Odyssey candle!” Tran said. “It smells amazing, but I've always loved the sea, and my mother introduced me to Greek mythology early on, so that one holds a special place in my heart.” 

Though her business is new, Tran has many goals for the future. 

“I’m hoping to grow my social media to make my little online shop more popular. Hopefully when the income from it is more stable, I'll be able to make my products more accessible as well!” she said. “I’d also love to have a more stable income so I could work on more eco-friendly packaging, as it can be quite expensive if I want to keep my prices low.” 

As of now, Wax and Words offers candles at $13.28 and wax melts anywhere from $4 to $6.  

“[The purpose of my business is] to create lovely, homemade candles for little book nooks, but also to maybe encourage reading more,” Tran said. “I’ve had more time to read because of the pandemic, so it’s been nice being able to make my private leisure space even cozier, which is also something I'd love for other bookworms.” 

Running a small business isn’t always smooth sailing. 

“It’s been hard to start off. Sales don’t just come out of nowhere, and it’s been hard to promote my small business,” Tran said. 

Though Wax and Words has been challenging, it doesn’t come without rewards. 

“I love the personal relationship I create with customers, but also the flexibility,” Tran shared. 

Being able to combine literature and candle making has been a dream for the bisexual business owner.

To support this LGBT-owned small business, check out the Wax and Words Etsy shop at or follow @WaxnWord on Instagram.