Nikki Borrego-Hogan always wanted to start a business, but had many reservations and self-doubts about making the jump into the small business lifestyle.

When the pandemic struck, Nikki decided to take a leap into the unknown and create BoHoma Scent Co. with her wife, Cindy.

“We decided to go with creating Freshies and candles because we love when our home smells nice, so why not spread that feeling to everyone?” Cindy said.

The couple sells a variety of scented air fresheners from candles to hanging car freshies.

“We have created cactus and cow Freshies that are just adorable and are two of bestsellers,” Cindy said. “We are about to release a scent for our candles that we formulated ourselves that we are very proud of as well, but honestly, since we make a lot of custom items, our favorite is when we make the item that someone dreamed up and they love it!”

Nikki and Cindy say that their favorite part of owning a small business is the positive impact they make in other people’s lives.

“Our motto is ‘Keeping y’all fresh and lit!’ which is in reference to us selling Freshies and candles. We want to make sure that everyone’s life smells great, and give back along the way if we can,” they said.

The married couple is grateful for the support they’ve received during their business journey and plans to give back to their community.

“The community here is so receptive to supporting local and small businesses and even more so when it comes to women-owned businesses,” Cindy said. “We plan to have some pride Freshies coming up with some of the proceeds going to a local center for LGBTQ youth.”

While the business has been rewarding, Nikki and Cindy weren’t always so confident in their company.

“There’s so much uncertainty when going out on your own and you don’t know if you will fall flat or succeed,” Nikki said. “We have to keep reminding ourselves that you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.”

The couple has big goals to grow their business in just about every way — from products to networking.

“We just hope to expand, expand, expand!” Cindy said. “We recently had a purchase from a local boutique, we hope to get into more local and small businesses as time goes on.”

To support this LGBT-owned small business, check out their Instagram page @BoHomaScentCo.