Gabriel James Theo Doster wanted a way to combine his love for art and helping others, so when a friend suggested he start a business, Doster took the idea and ran with it.

He made sure not to limit himself to one kind of product, but instead experiment with many different art mediums.

“I do a lot of resin jewelry and other resin crafts [combs keychains, self-defense, etc.]. I also do some wire wrapping and other jewelry with crystals. I sell watercolor and acrylic paintings and soft pastel drawings. I've also recently gotten into bookbinding and have one for sale right now,” Doster said.

Advocate Art now has over 100 followers on Instagram and Doster is looking forward to the future of the business.

“I’ve gotten very few orders as of yet and it’s discouraging, but it’s made me make some changes,” Doster explained.

He decided to learn valuable skills to help grow his business, such as product photography and wire wrapping.

“My current favorite thing I’ve made is a wire wrapped amethyst pendant,” Doster said. “My goal this year for my business is to expand more and start getting more consistent orders.”

Business growth isn’t the only thing Doster hopes to achieve this year.

“The purpose of my business is to reach people through art. My target audience is mostly LGBT, even though I don't exclusively sell LGBT items,” he said.

Doster is a bisexual and trans man, so it was important to him to advocate for his community.

“I also have a page on my site to sign petitions against the anti-LGBT legislature. I just want LGBT people, other people like me, to know they have people fighting for them,” he said.

Art is a powerful tool in helping others and himself according to Doster.

“My favorite art is the art that changes someone’s life and I want to do that for someone else. If I can change just one person's life with my art, I feel like I'll have succeeded in this life,” he shared.

To support this LGBT-owned small business, visit or check out the Advocate Art Instagram page @advocateart123.