Georgia Lees wanted a way to show her pride in a unique way, so she asked her mother to crochet her something to honor her bisexuality. Then, the bisexual bee was born.

Lees posted a photo of the crocheted bee to Facebook to share her mother’s talents. Soon after, the pair began receiving orders for the bees.

“After 30 orders and a lot of kind words, we decided to open an Etsy shop,” Lees said.

The shop dynamic is unique as Lees’ mother creates the products while Lees manages the business side.

As the business grew, so did the range of products Lees and her mother offer.

“Our main products are crochet LGBTQ+ Bees, bee keyrings and octopus,” Lees said. “We also have head warmers, both plain colours and with a rainbow stripe along with face pads, and earrings, but our main items are the bees and octopus. We are about to release a single colour octopus too in the next few weeks. We are constantly adding new items and flags.”

Lees mentioned how the business allows her mother to do what she loves while supporting a great community.

“My mum has crocheted since she was young, usually crochet items for charities, especially hospitals and homeless charities,” she said.

Lees is grateful for the opportunity her business gave her to spend more time with her mother.

“My favourite thing is getting to work with my mum who has been an incredible supporter and showing her that her crochet is incredible and worth selling,” she said.

The pair have had over 750 sales since they opened their Etsy shop, Just Bee Yourself.

The biggest challenge they faced was the number of orders they received around Christmas.

“We are very lucky that we haven't faced many challenges yet,” Lees said. “Our main challenges have been at Christmas. We were not expecting so many orders but we are certainly prepared now.”

Lees and her mother share a simple common goal for the business.

“Our main goals are to make people happy! As cheesy as it is we want to spread positivity especially among people who don't usually see their flag represented,” Lees said.

Just Bee Yourself offers products showcasing all sorts of pride colors, such as lesbian, nonbinary, omnisexual, and more.

Though the shop is named after the bee that started it all, Lees says that her favorite product she sells is the pride octopus collection.

The crocheted items in the shop are affordable for buyers with nothing costing more than $8.

The pair always has their DMs open on Instagram for custom orders or special requests such as discrete packaging.

To support this LGBT-owned small business, visit their Etsy shop JustBeeYourselfCraft, or check out their Instagram @just_bee.yourself.